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The Pasig Lions Club - Where leaders are Made

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One of the treasures of the City, is a vibrant group of NGOs working together to help communities and instill inspiration to our fellow Pasiguenos. One of these groups is the Pasig (Host) Lions Clubs. Lions is actually an acronym for "Liberty, Intelligence, Our Nation's Safety". The oldest Lions Club in Pasig (hence the word “Host” in their name, as they “hosted” the first Lions Club in the community) and one of the oldest and still existing clubs in the Philippines. With so many awards and recognitions under their belt for almost 70 years of existence, the Pasig Lions Club maintains its firm ground in the city prioritizing the needs of the community first and above the rest. Here in this article we lifted portions of a piece by Edna G. de Guzman in the City’s commemorative book published in 2001, we give honor to this club who has been part of the city’s continuing history of the “Bayanihan Spirit”.

Inspired by the principal aim of reaching out the principal aim of reaching out to the less privileged in the community and upon the initiative of the Lions Club of Malabon, a group of civic-minded men of Pasig stood at arms together and convened to heed the call of service on November 26, 1950, which paved the way for the birth of the Pasig (Host) Lions Club.

On that memorable event, Sir Atwood Laurence, representing the Lions Club International, was the primary speaker at the meeting who laid out the noble goals and objectives of the organization.

Engineer Francisco O. Santana was the very first president of the club. Service activities were actively and ably carried out by the club in the different barangays of Pasig and nearby towns and municipalities. As the years passed, the club grew stronger both in membership and activities. The Club takes pride in having its own clubhouse that was built on the members’ untiring and endless perseverance and concerted efforts. The said clubhouse, which is enjoying a 25 Year lease contract through the kindness of the late Past President Prudencio Lusung, has become the frequent venue of the club meetings, service activities and Lions social functions.

It has been 19 years since this article was published and a lot of success and achievements were made. The club has a distinction of producing three Chairpersons of the Lions State Council of the Philippines (The overall head of the Lions Clubs in the country) namely, Jaime Pajara, Rodolfo See and George Ong-Tan. The club is also the home to the most number of District Governors for 301-D2 (an area composed of portions of East of Manila up to Central Luzon), five namely Jaime Pajara, Rodolfo See, George Ong Tan, Felix Tienzo and Diosdado Dimacali. Quite recently, another laurel was achieved when George Ong Tan became the Global Action Team Leader for the Philippines and Guam a position that is carried with distinction and appointed by the International Organization. The endless pool of talents and leaders made the club a luminary and model that despite its stature, managed to be humble and united in ideals. All the leaders the Club produced are Pasiguenos which also proves that Pasig is indeed a breeding ground of champions.

Their projects are namely in alleviating hunger and sight preservation (Helen Keller encouraged the Lions to be the knights of the Blind hence the Organization's program on sight preservation). Gone were the days when Lions are just organizers of feeding projects, they have already transcended their programs to include ways to raise the bar of humanity and build trust and confidence as part of the elite group of nation-builders and community promoters.

At present, the club still meets in Pasig City (although because of the Pandemic, meetings are momentarily online) and still brings about inspiration and Lionism for as they say, where there’s a need, there’s a Lion!

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