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Tambuli Year 2: In the Eye of the Storm

Jonathan Olabre

The Year 2020 has been a year of Trials and Challenges but despite all of that transpired, Tambuli ng Mamamayan ng Pasig says Thank You to all who have been part of our journey. Two years with the past 6 months serving as crucible and forge is proof that Tambuli has done something good to Pasig City and its citizens. That after two years of continued efforts, Tambuli has created an impact in our city and we in Tambuli, hope, that it has touched the hearts of this city with regards to love and service to the people of Pasig.

In the beginning, it can be called a “Ragtag” group of people coming from all sorts of beliefs and persuasions not to mention professions, socio-economic strata, and educational backgrounds. What bound us was the love for our bayan. Ang makasaysayang Lungsod ng Pasig.

It was never easy as it may appear to be from those who were not familiar with Tambuli in the beginning. Mayor Vico Sotto was just starting to make his presence felt in the then upcoming elections of 2019. In the midst of a simple get-together and celebration, he arrived with Erick Gonzales and introductions were made.

But Tambuli knew that we stood on the same ground where giants walked before. These were Rizal Governor Dr. Sixto Antonio, the noted scholar and academic Sen. Lope K. Santos, of course the venerable Senate President Jovito Salonga, Labor Secretary Bobbit Sanchez and the still indefatigable Sen. Rene Saguisag. Sila po ay katunayan na ang mga taga-Pasig ay mayroong dugo na nananalaytay sa kanilang mga ugat na dugo ng mga bayani at mga disenteng tao.

That is why, we organized Tambuli ng Mamamayan ng Pasig. We cannot deny their legacies much less dishonor their courage, convictions and love for Pasig.

But adversity comes in many forms. Aside from the political, social and economic challenges that served as a backdrop, another beast emerged in the form of the COVID 19 Pandemic. This was unprecedented since the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918. The word “Disruption” is an understatement and fails to grasp what has befallen us during our time. Hardship, poverty, and even social justice was magnified manifold and above all the Specter of Death hovered, impartial, impersonal, and random.

The valiant efforts of our city government in managing and mitigating the effects of the pandemic belongs in the annals of Philippine history. The people of Pasig were beset with a tsunami of problems that made each one of us here dig deep in our wells of goodwill, kindness, and compassion. A common bond borne of the love for our city and country enabled us continue with life and community.

Tambuli also rose to the challenge in the form of providing free meals to Frontliners, distribution of PPEs and with regards to the Kabataang Tambuli ng Pasig, the Youth Arm, a continuous stream of activities, events, engagements, and creative solutions.

It is in these very tumultuous times that Citizen Participation is crucial and Tambuli continues in its participation in the CSO programs and projects of the city government even with such limited resources at its disposal. Tambuli believes that Pasig City needs “All Hands on Deck” during these critical times.

Now going into its 3rd Year, Tambuli enhances its participation in the community levels with social and economic partnerships with the city government. The Kabataang Tambuli ng Pasig is active in the Pasig Youth Agenda knowing that a critical component of the “Better Normal” is the inclusion and harnessing of the youth of Pasig.

Tambuli is a part of the City of Pasig and we all are in the middle of this storm. Its quest for justice, social equity, political decency, patriotism, and love for the city remains strong as ever.

With honor, the People of Pasig will eventually prevail.

Thank you again to all of you. Thank you Mayor Vico Sotto.

Mabuhay ang Lungsod ng Pasig!

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