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Suspension of Classes - the Pasig Approach

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The New Normal Ushered in a new living standard where a new set up is required to maintain safety and security amid the on-going battle against CoVid19.

With this, Pasig City has a different way to ensure that classes in public schools would remain open offering quality education for all. Education still remains a top priority for the local government.

While the whole of the Philippines is still rebuilding everything from the crippling effects of the pandemic, a seasonal challenge of typhoons have swarmed Luzon in the past weeks. The question remains, will Pasig suspend classes in spite of the online classes set up?

During this week's Mayor's Update, MVS strengthened his earlier comment that the normal criteria for suspension of classes should not be applied in the online set-up. He stressed that since public school students are safely tucked in their homes, there is no need to suspend classes if its online. However, he reminded the public that the city would still follow the rules on suspension set forth by the PAG-ASA and other local and national offices assigned on Disaster and Risk Reduction.

As of writing, Storm Signal No. 2 is raised in Metro Manila, therefore there would be class suspensions up to senior high school. The Mayor pointed out, that though there is no classes, students should use their time wisely by answering and fulfilling academic duties such as homeworks and modules. From their, MVS believes that education should continue and that we should learn how to adapt from any crises.

Furthermore, the Mayor insisted that class suspensions does not really help at all. This is for the reason that assignments and other academic activities would not be lessened and would be filled more with time constraints as schools push to finish everything in a prescribed time frame.

The Mayor came from a very strict academic background and takes high regard on education. This is a good sign that Pasig is indeed taking the high road when it comes to city building - investing more on projects with long term effects as well as prioritization of high value needs. Health and Education have been banner programs of the local government ever since the assumption of MVS.

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