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Sotto vows to put Pasiguenos above politics

Kyla Uy, Staff Writer

“Hindi madali ang pa ta-transition. Dalawampu’t pitong taong pamamalakad ang kinailangan aralin, at palitan. (The transition process was not easy because we had to study and eventually replace 28 years of old leadership).” Mayor Vico Sotto said when asked about the ordeal that he went through after the turnover of leadership. In his early days in Office, all eyes were on him.

Eusebio Electoral Protest

One of the early challenges that Mayor Sotto had to face was the openly-opposed party of the Eusebios who held an electoral protest based on accusations against the process of voting and counting of the votes.

“It was pure harassment. Their complaint has no merit, whatsoever naman talaga.”, Mayor Sotto said when asked about the Eusebio electoral protest and indicated that the electoral protest did not delay or hinder the transition and necessary processes needed to officially be able to settle in the office.

Handling differences in leadership

28 years is not a short & quick stay––especially not in politics. It was natural to assume, and even admit that loyalty to the previous governing party will remain unshaken among councilors and barangay officials. Traditional politicians or trapo would normally sort out the workforce heavily depending on the loyalty to the politician––not to the city and the citizens. Sotto is firmly against this practice.

During his campaign, he promised the people that he will not remove anyone unless there are valid reasons.

According to the mayor, the grounds would vary from corruption to proven incompetence. He gave assurances that he will remain true to his word, and data will show that those who were taken out of their respective jobs had undergone due process and were proven to be guilty of unlawful practices.

At the end of the day, Sotto does not want the loyalty of the people, but rather he wants the people to be loyal to being in service of the Pasiguenos.

“I never go out of my way to gain their loyalty. Hindi ko alam kung tama ba ‘yun o mali, pero ang gusto ko talaga is loyal sila sa city, hindi sakin,” he intimated.

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