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In a world plagued with uncertainties, the last thing we need is misinformation. A continuous battle yet to be won is waged against peddlers of fakenews and propaganda that brings harm and panic to a populace bombarded by negativity almost everyday. With the kind of state of affairs we are all now in, a leader must emerge to take command and remind his people to search for the truth despite the impossibility of the situation. In Pasig, Vico Sotto did his part and empowered his citizens to look for the kind of truth that informs and restores hope for the future.

During this week's assembly, at the presence of government employees from the Tanghalang Pasigueno and the Pasig City Museum, the Mayor urged the public to be wise enough to segregate fake news from real news. In his message to employees, he shared that the first batch of Covid19 Vaccines are already on their way to the Philippines and that though this may be a welcoming news, the exact date is still uncertain. He added that inasmuch as the government would like to pinpoint the exact day, the state has no control over it as vaccines is a global necessity and part of the world's supply chain which needs to be constantly managed - something that the Philippines has no power on.

The mayor hopes to motivate his fellow Pasiguenos that though vaccines are almost an arm's reach, the citizines must be prepared. Preparation by mean of researching its efficacy and by reading the news and not just click bait sites that seemed to scatter all over social networking sites. MVS even shared that he also had the taste of how fake news can ruin and deface the truth. However, he went on to say that as long as you read the news and believe on the authority of experts and specialists you'll be better off believing in hearsay and propaganda.

That same assembly, he praised the efforts of the Tanghalang Pasigueno being one of the city's busiest Covid19 Facilities. The city's premier theater and reception, the Tanghalang Pasigueno used to host a wide array of events from Theater Productions to Meetings. However, the venue was turned into one of the city's testing site - a complete 360 turn. Despite this, the mayor believes that the lost year that is 2020 when the Tanghalang closed its doors to cultural events would quickly be revived the soonest possible time when vaccines started to arrive.

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