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Pasig Pantayanin 2020

Jonathan Olabre, Columnist

” Ang salitang “Pantayanin“ ay ang tawag sa pook na noo’y isang “command outpost” o kampo ng Katipunan na nasa ilalim ng hurisdiksyon ng "Mataas na Sanguniang Kahilagaan" na pinamumunuan mismo ng Supremo Andres Bonifacio.  Ito ay sinasabing matatagpuan sa paanan ng Antipolo.  Ang "Mataas na Sanguniang Kahilagaan"  o ang Northern Command ay kinabibilangan ng Maynila, probinsiya ng Morong, Bulacan at Nueva Ecija. Ang pinaka sentro nito ay walang iba kundi ang Pasig. Si Julio Nakpil ang tinalagang kalihim, at sa kalaunan ay pangulo ng sinasabing command. “

- Professor Francis Yumul (Local Pasig City Historian)

It was July 16, 2020 when the call went out. A call to protect the freedom and liberty of Filipinos. Spurred by the closure of broadcast giant ABS-CBN and coming at the heels of the Signing of the Anti-Terror Law amidst the backdrop of the Lockdowns due to the COVID 19 Pandemic. The Filipinos were reeling from this Triple Whammy brought about by a regime whose claim to fame is the wanton killings in the War Against Drugs and exacerbated by numerous Human Rights violations they tried to justify by citing the need to control the Pandemic.

Pasig heard the call and responded. It was beyond mere Partisan Politics. Pasig always had a history of fighting injustice and oppression. It’s resistance even predated the Katipunan. The movement of the Creoles started it when its then Mayor Don Lupo Miguel (a Creole. He had blue eyes) led the opposition against the incursion of religious orders from the Iberian Pensinsula that sought to usurp the then current order that was established that went as far back to Legzpi. The execution of GOMBURZA defeated the Creole Resistance but it planted the seeds of an even bigger revolt in Pasig.

History played out in the Nag-Sabado of 1896 wherein Pasig citizens attacked the Spanish Garrison and liberated Pasig in the name of the Katipunan. Alas, it was a short-lived victory after the defeat of the Katipunan in San Juan. But the Katipunan was already well-entrenched in Pasig. Before that, the Pantayanin gave refuge and sanctuary to Bonifacio and members of the Katipunan. Even for as short time, Pasig felt what and how it was to be free. That is something that would create an “Institutional Memory” among the people of Pasig.

The same resistance was felt during the American Colonial Period. Many citizens of Pasig sought a different route. They instilled the values and morals of the ill-fated republic to their offsprings and their children sought education and expertise in their oiwn fields, sensing the day when the Philippines will be independent.

Pasig was the source of many Filipinos who went to Bataan and suffered the Death March. But the people of Pasig never accepted defeat, they became guerillas and many citizens of Pasig were killed and imprisoned by the Japanese. From such experiences, the likes of Sen. Jovito Salonga was forged. A Scholar-Warrior.

The Dark Night of Martial Law never tamed Pasig, legions of Kabataang Makabayan members were recruited along with thousands more activists from various groups of different ideologies and persuasions were spawned. Bobbit Sanchez and Sen. Rene Saguisag led the charge that gave headaches to Dictator Ferdinand Marcos

The youth of Pasig in the 80s also fought with all its might. Sending rallyists and delegates to the mammoth Anti-Marcos rallies be it in Welcome Rotonda, Liwasang Bonifacio, and even Mendiola Bridge itself! And when the EDSA Revolution happened, uncounted Pasig citizens manned the barricades themselves.

Today, a new beast rises from the south. Its hunger and rapacity is unprecedented in the history of this country. A seemingly unquenchable bloodlust. Bringing with his minions an ill wind of hate, anger and despair.

In the past few weeks, resistance was in the air. From the Anti-Terrorism Law, the Closure of ABS-CBN, the muzzling of the freedom of speech and expression backed up by violence unfettered by morals.

The resistance was gaining ground in many places but Pasig is the historical center of Pantayanin. Last July 19, 2020, the descendants of Pantayanin made a Stand. It is but the first step in a very long journey but the heritage of Pantayanin giving sanctuary and refuge to Bonifacio and the Katipuneros more than a hundred years ago, the Pasig Pantayanin of today seeks to give sanctuary and refuge to national freedom and liberty. Pasig once more is willing to play its role in national history.

Pasig Pantayanin 2020.

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