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Pasig defines "Safety"

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Safety is one of the conditions Filipino Families consider in finding the right spot where they can raise their children. It is indeed a very huge word with many meanings and is dependent on who you ask. However, with all things summed up, safety means one thing and that is security. The City of Pasig is trying more than enough to show its confidence in right planning to ensure a safe environment everry Pasigueno can truly be proud off.

During this week's flag raising ceremony, Mayor Vico once again focused on Job Security for City Hall Employees. This is something close to his heart as he sympathizes with hundreds of workers who despite their long service and loyalty wasn't able to have the right kind of job grade befitting their hard work. This issue is felt almost by all Local Government Units in the Philippines where job security is measured on Political Loyalty and favorites. The Pasig Government is trying to erase this kind of arrangement to allow the employees to grow based on merits and less on the dreaded "padrino" system.

The Mayor cited that the HR already began its plan to permanent all employees who have been serving the government for 15-20 years and hopefully at the end of MVS's term the threshold be lowered to 12-13 years. Despite this big leap in the Local Government, it still falls short in the present norm if compared to the private sector or even in National Offices where one can be permanent in 6 months to a year. There is of course a large difference and the people of Pasig is just as gracious that their young Mayor is shielding them from the evil works of politics while exposing them to true political will.

Planning as a means of safety

Congestion of roads are a normal sight for Pasig Residents as the city's location brings about to much commuters and cars on streets that don't seem to grow exponentially. While development is a welcomed sight for the city, Mayor Vico reminds the people that progress should be sustainable. The Mayor brought forth two realizations on the failure of planning and that is the lack of it and the poor implementation of plans and programs. He challenged the government workers to be more innovative and stern in their guidelines, taking into account all aspects before approving city development works or even approving the rise of private buildings along busy highways and roads. Likewise, he renewed his support for continuing education when he urged government workers to look for trainings and other development seminars so that they can serve better the city and its people.

Pasig's Vaccination Command Center

Earlier this week, Pasig launched its Vaccination Command Center - a testament of the city's readiness to face Covid19 head on. The city was lauded nationally because of its feat being the first local government unit to have an approved Vaccination Plan as witnessed by the Department of Health. According to the Pasig City Public Information Office:

The said command center houses the personnel involved in the day-to-day operations of the Vaccination Team. Currently, the site is being occupied by members of the Operations Center, profilers, encoders, and nurses.

To facilitate the updating of the health records of City Government employees, who are considered frontline/essential government workers that have been included in DOH’s revised vaccination priority groups, one part of the Command Center has been opened up for the Pasig Health Monitor.

The Pasig Health Monitor is the City’s health information management and monitoring system that will be used in the pre-vaccination phase of the Vaccination Plan, specifically in terms of databasing citizen’s health information that are relevant to the COVID-19 vaccination.

The command center is also set to house the vaccination site that will cater to the City’s healthcare workers.

Vaccine Simulation

The Vaccine Simulation was also held this week headed by the City Mayor. The simulation showcased the abilities of the city's personnel but most importantly demonstrated Pasig's readiness in terms of emergency response should there be adverse events following the inoculation. No less than representatives from the World Health Organization and the Department of Health Metro Manila Center for Health Development observed the proceedings and the conduct of the simulation. The observers for sure saw in firsthand how Pasiguenos mean business when it comes to health and safety standards.

As we near our goal to be vaccinated, more and more elements are being taken into consideration. And as we do it, the government is slowly unfolding its preparedness in planning and goal setting. We are fortunate to be Pasiguenos.

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