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Pasig City Pass showcases the disciplined Pasigueno

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Three days after the implementation of the "Pasig Pass" at the City Hall, the local government's initiative to enhance its contact tracing scheme, Pasiguenos adjusted smoothly to this "New Normal". On the contrary, this is not the new normal but a "BETTER NORMAL" an alternative that puts the city on top of its pandemic response program. The Pasig Pass is one of the components of Pasig Health Monitor - the city’s health monitoring system developed to speed up and improve the provision of medical services to residents.

The QR code-based contact tracing solution aims to further boost the city’s contact tracing efforts amid the pandemic.

In his weekly city updates, Mayor Sotto, invited Pasiguenos to register in the Pasig Pass. Although not yet required in private establishments, people with transactions with local government offices are required to show their passes before entering public buildings and spaces. The Quick Reference code will be provided the moment you register and provide you specific details. In a time of great peril and crisis. The local government is given a free hand by the national government to directly apply measures of safety to its citizens. However, it is also at these times that geysers of unimportant issues arose. Thankfully for the city, the chief executive knows how to prioritize and be practical.

The Mayor: the first among equals

The mayor added that the Pasig Pass is still under close supervision on its effectiveness and viability and if everything goes well, the LGU will start requiring this scheme to private establishments. The expansion of the contact tracing program is a shoot to the moon if the public would remain uncooperative. Pasig is a different story.

The success of its maiden implementation saw the rise yet again of an age-old spirit of Bayanihan on a virtual setting. Armed with social media accounts, group chats and others, the link for the Pasig Pass spread like wildfire. Every Pasigueno household supported the program. It can be attributed to the fact that most people would like to freely move from one place to the other without any hindrances but more so, the ingenuity of having a QR pass is different.

The disciplined Pasigueno exists! In times of crisis, people united to be safe and to follow guidelines maintain their safety. There has been no reported opposition as of writing but the past three days and the orderly lines with social distancing at the City Hall is a solid proof that indeed the people is one for the program that gives them security in health. The Pasig Pass is a test of social acceptance in embracing new ways to live with the pandemic. Supportive citizens are needed and Pasig is blessed to have a lot of these simple and congenial folks.

Having analog phones are not a problem as people are seen carrying printed ID-like QR cards wore around their necks. Discipline indeed raises the bar for everyone. The local chief executive is already speaking with various religious groups to implement the program in worship venues as Pasig is home to very churchly peoples.

Although, some people find a hard time to navigate computers and gadgets, the existence of the dynamic youth gives the seasoned folks a chance to appreciate the beauty of technology while keeping them safe and on the loop.

It is expected that the success of the first days of the Pasig Pass would mirror how citizen-friendly Pasig have been and how Pasig took the pandemic as a challenge that is well fought and well conquered.

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