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On Vaccines and the essence of leadership

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The week is about to end and Pasig is once again the talk of the town. Given the first-world approach of the city government in its continued fight against the Covid19 Virus, the manner by which everything is being executed is run like a systematized machine with no room for errors. The Covid19 Facilities of the city are still in top shape despite almost a year serving the city 24/7. The effectiveness of the City Plan against the rise of infections seemed to mirror the gradual decline of Covid19 Patients in months and the levels of spreading are already purely manageable and not alarming. The "Pasig Model" is perhaps a result of impeccable decisions that is not concentrated into one brain - everything is research and well thought. The power of delegation is indeed at work proving once more the capability of the City to institute the truest form of governance the people has ever seen.

On Monday's Flag Ceremony, Mayor Vico Sotto lectured on integrity and honesty in front of employees and officers from the City Engineering Department - a department that is traditionally marred with corruption and malpractice. The City Engineering has one of the largest budgets in the City as they concern the construction of different facilities, maintenance of city assets and the town's perennial problem on flooding. The Mayor extended his admiration to the department's reforms that were started on his first day as City Mayor in 2019. This only show's Vico's seriousness on cutting the roots of corruption in the city one office at a time. He also shared that all these efforts of reforming is for the future of the city and the natural heirs of the land - the Youth.

The Mayor lashed out to the department and called for open communication and close coordination within offices in the department. He added that he realizes the strength of each office and that the lack of constant communication distracts progress and even becomes the seed of misunderstanding. The Mayor commented, that this should be straightened-up to ascertain more sound decisions and more successful outcomes.

Something unique about his message is his early realization that no leader can stay far too long. Unlike his predecessors who tried to break the laws of nature by trying to perpetually stay in power, Mayor Vico at his early age of 31 already accepted something unacceptable to his predecessors: everyone is replaceable. The young leader envisions that someday soon, he will be replaced by a young blood that is better and creative than him. He in fact, prepares for this and made mention that all his hard work is devoted to this future. Vico in all his humbleness and wisdom is already laying the foundations of a city far from its former backward and immature self where progress is described as whitewashing, short lived projects and irrelevant visioning.

When its comes to visioning, Pasig proved again its mettle by being the first LGUs to have an approved vaccine in plan in the Philippines. This milestone was declared during the Mayor's meeting with the nation's Vaccine Czar, Carlito Galvez Jr. and Testing Czar, VInce Dizon. Having an approved Vaccine Plan from the DOH meant a lot of things but simply said, it means that the city will one of the first to have its share of vaccines coming from the National Government. The plan has three phases, namely Pre vaccination, Vaccination and Post Vaccination, all of which were presented to the representatives of the national agencies earlier this week.

This plan came a long way but dealt with accordingly through proper channeling and careful coordination with medical experts from both the public and private sector. Mayor Vico even stated that the City Government would continue its sworn duty to allow the participation of the people through NGOs among others in all plans pertaining to the safety of the populace. Realizing that a good vaccine plan is needed, the LGU wasted no time in crafting solidifying its stance. Clearly, good efforts are rewarded and as the first LGU to have a concrete it means that Pasiguenos is the first to be inoculated.

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