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Mayor Vico champions the common workers

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Mayor Vico Sotto during his weekly address gave the city government employees a taste of a brand of leadership that transcends politics.

The Mayor who became a first time city councilor before running in the city's top post cited the importance of security of work and increase in salary. He noted that not only does it give a more decent life but most importantly dignity - something which makes a worker inspired in the workplace. He added that reforms in the City Hall's Human Resources is a giant task that that government is willing to take one step at a time. The Mayor is indeed on a quest for a right path that should not be bent or influenced.

As the city continuous to mature together with its populace, Mayor Vico envisions an unpoliticized government bureaucracy. His support to the common workers have been felt since his first year in office as more and more casual workers have been promoted to regular status. There was even one city staff that was regularized after nearly 3-4 decades of working as in the government. With this kind of system, the government is giving ample space and security for workers to grow in the system without any fear of being weeded out subjectively by their superiors. The subjective treatment of employees especially the casuals, job orders and the volunteers have been part of a very elaborate culture that is deeply rooted in a play of politics and favors. The Mayor, a restless reformer is giving justice and due merit to workers and ensure their place in their respective offices.

Mayor Vico also cited as an example the plight of street sweepers in the city. According to him, they are also heroes seldom sung or greeted. A thankless job indeed, Mayor Vico sung the sacrifices of these workers to ensure the cleanliness and order of the city's streets and major roads. He also reminded them of the health protocols and that he understand why some sweepers ought not to wear their faceshields as they are considered nuisance and distorts vision.

He concluded by pushing the limits of the city by providing ATM cards to all employees as it is a call and challenge of the day: less contact by providing wages through ATMs and for salaries not to be delayed.

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