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"Ipagyabang na Hindi Kayo Mayabang": MVS sets the tone for 2021

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This morning, the Pasig City Hall had its first flag ceremony for the year 2021. Selected workers from government as well as officials attended the event as the rules governing social distancing and assemblies are still strictly enforced in the city. The Mayor also used this assembly to share his insights and reminders to ensure that the government would start the year right now that the pandemic is still ravaging the country.

His message centered on the hard work of the police and other government patrol group in the strict enforcement of a "fireworks-less" New Year Celebration. In fact, the quadrangle exhibited the fireworks confiscated by the authorities in their New Year's eve rounds in the city. Mayor Vico Sotto to set an example to the city will be issuing tickets to his three neighbors who disregarded the rules placed by the city on the banning of firecrackers. There is a fine of 5,000 Php for violators apart from the cumbrance that goes with it. The local chief executive also noted the low injuries recorded from firecrackers in the city. He reported at least three injuries in hospitals in the city as well as one victim of a stray bullet. The confiscated firecrackers will be soaked in water as a symbol of the intense enforcement of the rule throughout the city.

They actually found a lot of fireworks which also signifies that despite the continuous reminders of the city to avoid firecrackers, some Pasigueno citizens are still using them as part of their yearly traditions. This is perhaps considered the toughest to alter in Pasig, the culture of firecrackers and intimate bondings and reunions of families especially in the holidays. With the CoVid19 Pandemic with new strains and mutations, the national government is expecting a rise in infections after the Christmas Season and this is attributed with the hardheadedness and uncontrollable desires of some families to stay together and have joint dinners amidst a health crisis. As a result, a lot of cultural practices were subjected to the New Normal such is the Simbang Gabi, Noche Buenas, Media Noche and even the Children Carolers who seemed to dwindle in the past years.

The seasonal businesses and enterprises such as the peddlers of bibingka and putobungbong also felt the the effects of the pandemic as they saw the decline of sales of these favorite delicacies. Restaurants resorted to downsizing and emphasized more on prepared food for deliveries as well as set meals for Noche Buena. In totality, though there was a rise on small scale business run through social media, entrepreneurs suffered more with the lack of customers and limited movement. Nevertheless, the creativity within still paved the way for the survival of businesses.

Towards the end of his speech, Mayor Vico reminded the employees under the Mayor's Office to carry their responsibility with humility and dignity. He in fact, narrated the importance of humility especially to all offices that have direct relations with the public. His emphasis veered towards renewed spirit of humbleness and understanding that despite the number of hurtful feedbacks and reviews, the workers should still set the tone of dignity and respect. He went on to say, "Ipagyabang na hindi kayo Mayabang." This statement say a lot on the kind of leadership Mayor Vico champions for the rest of his 1.5 years in office.

Transparency and humility goes well together especially in times of crisis when the government is the last resort of the people's survival. Mayor Vico's humility earned praises though there have been errors in his judgement and decisions, the people still rallied behind him because of his strong values of honesty and selflessness. During the RFID event in Arcovia led by the Officer of Councilor Brown and the Kabataang Tambuli ng Pasig, Mayor Vico's service vehicles were the last ones served and this categorically strengthens his campaign for genuine leadership and service above self.

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