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In The Balance. Mayor Vico’s Victory After 1 year

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Jonthan Edwards Olabre, Columnist

This July 1, 2020 will mark Mayor Vico Sotto’s assumption to power as Pasig City’s Local Chief Executive. It is a victory that can be considered as one for the books. An unprecedented political upheaval in Pasig City. It was done without the benefit of a national political catharsis that was last experienced in 1986. To quote Congressman Roman Romulo, “Vico’s victory felt like EDSA 1986 in Pasig City.”

The energy, enthusiasm, and zeal of the citizens of Pasig citizens are at levels not seen in the city’s history even until after 1 year. Many citizens took it upon themselves to joining Mayor Vico’s call for Participation in Governance. That is something that the city has longed for. That voices be heard. Once again, hope was rekindled and the people were inspired. In fact, the People of Pasig dared to dream once more.

Mayor Vico did not waste time in pursuing his promises. Not through grandstanding gimmicks but through surgical strikes in the systemic malaise in Pasig brought about by 27 years of malignant administration.

But his quiet and systemic reforms were not meant for media mileage but for the direct benefit of the people. A Mayor that is accessible and a city system wherein the voices of the people can be heard in Real Time. He asked the people their questions and he heard them. The proceeded quietly to institute systems that would be responsive as best as possible. Strengthening the Civil Society Organizations. Educational reforms, the healthcare systems, the Senior Citizens, the PWDs, the Poorest of the Poor, and all the way to streetlights. Another was the Pamaskong Handog, not just dole outs for Christmas but also serving a purpose as a survey that would prove prescient in the months to come.

Mayor Vico tweaked the tax collection system and business permits payments at the start of 2020. Another prescient act. At first it was to fund his programs and projects for health and education. His reforms enabled Pasig City to exceed the DILG standards for revenue collection.

That will be his Warchest for the unexpected war to come.

The war came but from a very unexpected direction. The COVID19 Pandemic engulfed the country. It came like a plague of locusts as in Biblical times. Instead of being paralyzed, Mayor Vico came out decisive. Anticipating problems and coming up with innovative solutions. From disinfection drones to quarantine facilities to rolling stores and community kitchens. Mayor Vico rose up to the challenge and even gained national prominence. He managed to level up when faced with new adversities. And yes, he managed to feed a city of 800 thousand during the worst times of the Quarantine.

Truly Pasig was fortunate to have such a leaders during these times. But the remaining 1/12 years will spell what the Balance will be. The structure of the past dynasty still remains. Mayor Vico will have to erase the culture of corruption, decay and decadent moral values that still pervades much of the city. From top to the bottom of governance, the prevailing system must be broken.

Mayor Vico cannot do this alone. It is up to every morally upright Pasig citizen to help him in this critical endeavor. The job is not yet finished and so many miles has yet to be run. Mayor Vico has done his best to deliver his promises so far. It is up to Pasig to help him so that our dreams can be fulfilled.-

As it is, Pasig stands In the Balance.

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