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Bigay o Hiram? MVS sets conditions on the ownership of the tablets

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A week after the official start of classes for public schools, Pasig's Mayor Vico Sotto explains the conditions on the ownership of the electronic tablets every public school student will be able to use this school year. The ambitious 1.2 Billion Peso Program of the City to ensure the continuing education of students amid the pandemic drew praises all over because of its empowering effect to the education sector that is now being challenged because of the "new normal.

"Technically gobyerno parin po ang may-ari niyan".

MVS was quoted during his weekly updates online. This is to answer the queries of the citizens on the real ownership of the tablets now being distributed to the different public school students in Pasig. He further added that this does not necessarily mean that the gadgets would be collected.

He further stressed that as a property of the local government, the city may at the end of the school year collect the gadgets to ensure that it's still in good working condition. He explained that there might be some isolated cases when parents due to the pandemic crises sell these tablets.

As an LGU property, these learning gadgets cannot be sold and necessary procedures and guidelines are needed to avoid such cases from happening. In any case, the Mayor said that if the tablets went missing, parents are obliged to pay the government.

Nevertheless, the Mayor is hopeful that through the tablets, public school students will not be shortchanged and would still learn despite a new learning set up.

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